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Haiku Stairs

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April 25, 2019 at 12:00 AM





If you are thinking where to fly this summer, Haiku Stairs, Hawaii can be the perfect place to go for getting an exquisite drone experience. This mountainous hiking trail can be very well suited for a drone trip. The place is popularly called Stairway to Heaven and is situated on the island of Oahu. It has nearly 4000 steps built up on a local mountain for hiking and all this construction took place way back in 1942! Anyway, the hiking trail has been closed since 1987 and that is why a drone can be the best way to reach the top and enable us to view the place in all its glory. Before venturing out for the place, some care should be taken to ensure that a drone pilot knows all about the area because there is a Marine Corps base very near to the trail and drones may be prohibited within the restricted airspace. However, all other places are ok and a person can expect to get a scintillating view of the trail. the scenery of the place can be breathtaking due to the steep trails running up all through the mountain. The lush green mountains apart from the mesmerising cloud can be a stunner for any drone pilot. Moreover, an eagle’s view can be expected of the pristine blue ocean overlooking the city. All of this can be tremendously attractive for anyone due to which a lot of drone pilots like to visit this place. Pros: 1) Different types of landscapes can be filmed. 2) The natural scenery of the place can be outstanding. 3) Steep hiking trails can be seen along with the beautiful weather in the background. Cons: 1) A person may not be able to do the hiking personally as the hike trail is closed.

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